About Us

Spirit of Excellence is an innovative, dynamic consulting company dedicated to inspiring and unifying excellence.

Our business actively helps individuals and organizations transition and accomplish desired outcomes. We provide coaching, consultation and training. Dr. Washburn, founder of this small women-owned company, is a highly skilled coach who brings wisdom, intuitive reasoning and extensive experience. Our coaching success is measured by your success in achieving your desired outcomes.

We are passionate about people and solutions. Actionable insights occur in a stimulating, creative environment that enlivens human beings and increases profits.

Sitting at the heart of our success and that of our clients is our courage to shoot it straight rather than just say "yes" to status quo. Our trademark is high-quality enjoyable interaction that encourages clients to make better choices. Shaping and implementing innovative people strategies with executives and organizations is our strong suit.

We encourage transparency and clear communication to build and sustain quality relationships. High-performance individuals corporate, healthy families and corporate cultures all thrive with optimism, encouragement, focus and spontaneity. Measurable results are increased creativity, commitment, motivation and innovation.

We have fun in our work and we take pleasure in doing it. We encourage you to create more ways to do the same while increasing accountability and improving performance. We look forward to assisting you in creating and enjoying an even more powerful and dynamic future. Please contact: carol@cwashburn.com

Lead4Growth describes our philosophy in more detail.