Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl L. Johnson

Remember Your Dreams!

Cheryl L. Johnson brings a powerful skill set and a wealth of expertise to the Spirit of Excellence. Cheryl uses her vast and deep skills and experience to help Spirit of Excellence clients in numerous ways.

Foremost, Cheryl is a strategic consultant, highly skilled at bringing a new perspective to familiar challenges. Ms. Johnson is noted for providing exceptional thought leadership; and she is recognized as brilliantly equipped to look beneath a complex surface and offer elegant, enlightening solutions. Often her ideas are profound, novel and clarifying.

She is proficient in developing corporate learning content, instructional design and performance improvement solutions for large and small organizations. She consults on website development, branding and marketing. As a keynote speaker and across contexts she capitalizes on her expert ability to stimulate and maximize personal and group excellence. She is quick to smile and overall approaches life with enthusiasm that is contagious.

Cheryl most recently worked for IBM as a Certified Learning Specialist. During her tenure with IBM she served as a vital member of the IBM Talent Organization/Workforce Management Division. She actively contributed as a Senior Instructional Designer and Expertise Management Specialist. Additionally, Cheryl was a Global Business Services Consultant and advised IBM clients in Executive Coaching Seminars.

Additionally, Cheryl served as an IBM Workforce Management Global Community of Practice Leader; where she established multiple communities to enhance leadership, workforce management and social media connections. These Social media communities were available to all IBMers to share and exchange ideas.

Cheryl has a love for learning and she is a highly skilled researcher. Her research has focused on decision-making, attitude-change theory, and social cognition - how people process information, make decisions, and act on information. She is the co-author of multiple articles on career development, thought leadership and expertise management.

Cheryl has a Bachelor of Arts and Masters degrees in education.

Previously, she has served in the following capacities:

  • IBM Talent Organization
  • Training Director - Grid South, a large electric utility transmission firm
  • Principle Owner of Video Works serving clients such as Prudential, AT&T, Northern Telecom, Kodak and IBM.
  • Created over 500 hours of Computer Based Training and E-Learning for Fortune 500 companies such as Piedmont Gas, AT&T and SOS International.

Ms. Johnson has the ability to quickly become a trusted advisor. She has proven ability to motivate and inspire cross discipline teams to create and deliver superb innovative work under tight deadlines.

"Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade?" - Benjamin Franklin