Dr. Carol Ann Washburn

Dr. Carol Ann Washburn


Carol is happy to call Wainiha, Kaua'i, Hawaii home. She also enjoys traveling throughout the United States and internationally to provide innovative leadership and team performance services. Her work as an independent consultant has spanned 27 successful years. Dr. Washburn is gifted with a high EQ and the complementary intellect to clearly transfer information to diverse audiences. In the face of life’s mysteries she is an amazing person to have on your team.

Her educational background includes a bachelors and masters degree in communications and theatre, as well as extensive study of NLP and other communication technologies. Upon completing her doctorate in Higher Education, she has led the way in the strengths revolution ~~ growing what works. Her expertise in communication and relationship skills is offered in a direct and uplifting manner. Dr. Washburn’s work has received national and international media coverage on major television networks.

Her ability to help identify the best route to accomplish what you want is exceptional. She helps you see solutions and guides you to ask “What If’ as you look ahead to accurately evaluate potential obstacles. You gain increased clarity and consistently use a strategic approach that reduces resistance, confusion and frustration. You increase the ability to create pathways that are clear, energizing and supported with team alignment.

The Spirit of Excellence personifies Dr. Washburn’s belief in the excellence inherent in all human beings. If you make the commitment she, along with highly qualified Associates, will team with you to enrich, advance and empower your excellence.

Her ability to laser focus in on strengths and maximize superb performance is something you can count on happening. She will polish even peak performers until they shine more brightly. Additionally, she stimulates you to augment your talents by identifying and utilizing the strengths of your team. Working with her is fun, exacting and even sometimes demanding. She sees the gifts you possess and she challenges you to use them in the highest ways possible.

Carol's respect of interconnectedness and her precision communication skills build bridges between people, divisions, departments and hierarchies. The connections she has with clients are genuine and lasting. Feelings, dreams, hopes, fears and successes are shared and entrusted with one another. She instinctively promotes the best in people and helps them consistently demonstrate it.

Dr. Washburn sees the positive in situations and works diligently to bring that vision to life. It has been noted that she offers incisive insight with a heart that smiles and laughter that is contagious.

Her candor, ease, humor and captivating delivery style consistently engage diverse audiences. Leaders report their people having increased engagement, initiative and commitment. She sticks with you for the long haul.

Professionals interested in immediately improving relationships and accomplishing desired results find her skills of great value. They report immediately implementing behaviors necessary to increase communication, enthusiasm, appreciation and profit.

Her notable strengths are: Strategist, Maximizer, Relator, Connectedness and Positivity

Her talents and strengths have been developed with the support of excellent teachers, respected clients, superb colleagues and a loving family. For more information please see client recommendations. To take next steps contact: cwashburn@sunshineme.com