“When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it.” Clement Stone

Spirit of Excellence - We spotlight and develop skills, attitudes and strategies that positively influence communication and relationship ease. Utilizing these tools often results in people having more engaging and authentic relationships. We specialize in facilitating communication and relationship excellence.


We hold a vision of encouraging and supporting people to interact with respect all over the world.


Identify, inspire and unify excellence by maximizing people’s strengths and uniqueness.


We bring a wealth of expertise in interpersonal communications and maximizing individual strengths. Our coaching sessions are fun, engaging, productive and honest. Clients acquire skills and strategies that deepen connections and support good interpersonal habits.


We view life as interconnected, and interdependent. We recognize decisions, actions and solutions have expanded impact.


We enjoy a collaborative relationship with our clients. We offer a neutral voice to further promote your desired outcomes to support your overall well-being.

Client Confidentiality

Our clients value their confidentiality and we do, too.


We provide strategic advice that is precise, perceptive, innovative, and useful. Our value lies in our ability to help people understand their unique differences and maximize their strengths. We offer solutions that can be realistically implemented.


We recommend, study and utilize research and work offered by the Gallup Organization. Leading edge research by the founders of Neuro-Linguistic Programming propelled our focus toward discovering strategies of excellence and how to transfer this excellence to different contexts. We also stay updated on the recent findings in regard to hardwiring

People Skills

Our strengths are helping you and your teams develop better people skills. We offer skills that immediately influence your ability to understand and communicate with others. You become aware of how to consistently tap the best in yourself and others in any situation.

More Innovation

We have the education, training, experience, ability, and willingness to consider your personal needs deeply and creatively. What you get are exciting fresh ideas and skill sets that fuel your success.

More Expertise

Spirit of excellence extends far beyond traditional consulting services. We deliver practical solutions to your needs based on tried and true methods and years of proven, practical experience. We listen and work with you rather than talking at you.

Dedicated Service

We hold you as a top priority and take the time needed to provide the highest level of consulting, coaching and training.


We consistently emphasize the importance of personal accountability in regard to our thoughts, feelings, actions and results. Taking responsibility for your impact is core to individual and team success. Sounds good, but how do you do it. That is where we come in.

We work with you to create, fuel and sustain behaviors that perpetuate positive relationships. You determine if you want to dedicate the time, focus and tenacity to develop new relationship habits. If so specific behaviors are noted, practiced, and reinforced as a plum line for personal accountability.

Expected Results

You will have an improved relationship with yourself and others. At the completion of our time together you will be more comfortable in your own skin. You will be more aware of your strengths and how to best utilize them. Your will more fully appreciate the positive intention underlying your behaviors. You will have increased behavioral choices. You will be more energized to continue implementing attitudes and behaviors that sustain your personal and interpersonal excellence. Relationships are strengthened and attitudes are positively adjusted.

Our Need

It is essential we have your commitment. This focus and commitment to the coaching process is the difference that makes the difference. We bring a unique, engaging, refreshing and extremely effective style to help you attain and maintain your desired results. Yet, without you as an active player, there is no lasting change.


We offer consultation, training, coaching and inspirational speaking. We welcome your giving us a trial run before engaging in a long-term relationship. Please contact: carol@cwashburn.com