The following offers a representative list of clients and client quotes:

  • Apple Computer
  • AT&T
  • Chickasaw Nation
  • Coldwell Banker
  • City of Tulsa
  • D.D.S. Associates
  • Department of Rehabilitation Services
  • Disability Determination Division
  • Directors Inc.
  • Federal Highway Administration
  • Federal Motor Carrier Administration
  • Ford Motor Company
  • General Motors
  • Hilton
  • IBM
  • Kauai Police Deparment
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • Lopez Foods
  • Marriott Hotels
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • North Carolina Administrators
  • North Shore Medical Clinic
  • On The Road To Hanalei
  • Pacific Bell
  • Red Bull
  • Sheraton Maui
  • Starwood Hotels & Resorts
  • Stouffers
  • United States Postal Service
  • Universities
  • Waiohai Hotel

"Dr. Washburn is a warm, honest, smart and intuitive motivator who can face the most complex interpersonal communication dilemma and offer practical solutions while maintaining fun and humor along the way. I strongly recommend her as a personal coach for the leaders/ managers, a facilitator for resolving group communications issues, and a dynamic and fun motivational speaker." - Division Administrator, Department of Rehabilitation Services

"You kept everyone involved and each person left with new found skills to better communicate and form relationships with other people of all backgrounds and diversities." - Starwood Hotels and Resort

"Dr. Washburn is an outstanding facilitator and coach. As a result of her training, we were able to create a productive team and celebrate and appreciate our differences as well as understand how best to work together. One of her strongest attributes is the ability to work with a team without bias. She is not "for" or "against" anyone; she calls it as she sees it." - Del-Jen Center Director

"Fun, Fun, Fun. Stimulating and kept everyone involved, and we even learned something. This highly exceeded all expectations" - Red Bull

"I’ve been a leader in the manufacturing business many years. After today, I can say I have truly seen transformation." - Kimberly-Clark Corporation

"Highly applicable and energizing." - Apple Inc.

"Life-Altering...A Wake Up Call." - Individual Coaching Client

"I continue to feel better about myself and my team mates." - Lopez Foods

"Simply terrific! – The best training I’ve ever attended." - Missouri River Energy Services

"I see people using the skills they acquired while working with you every day." - Federal Highway Administration

"Your presentations are great, and your presence is even greater." - North Carolina Administrators Conference

"Thank you for the boundless contributions you made to my life in just three days." - OGE – HR Director

"Wow, did you inspire and challenge us. Thank You." - Mercedes-Benz USA - Sales

"If you are looking for speakers to bring down the house, look no further." - Workforce Development Conference

"The greatest influence comes from those whose search for knowledge and truth is never-ending, and whose eagerness to share is everlasting. Thank You." - Federal Motor Carrier Administration

"Just thought I must tell you how very much I enjoyed the training last week. I found myself smiling all the way home. I then realized that the smile was not only on my face but also inside. I have never experienced such delightful interaction as those with all of my coworkers and you. I am amazed at the confidence that you instilled in us and the way you brought out the best in us. Anyone who missed this training missed a lot."

- Department of Rehabilitation Services

Dr. Washburn has an uncanny ability to understand people and how they work and think. She quickly identifies strengths, respects diversity and uses this information to help people maximize their potential. She does so in a gracious way, but also takes straight aim when addressing a challenging situation. She is an excellent asset to anyone who wants support and guidance for helping them and their teams excel. - Director of Training

We have utilized her as a individual and team coach as well as a leadership consultant. We highly recommend all of the above. When we first worked together things were going well and we have continued to do better and better. We have seen both personal and professional profits from our work together. - Owners, Directors Inc.

Dr. Washburn came highly recommended and she did not disappoint. She worked with our coaching staff and team us as a coach in regard to communication and relationship building. We experienced experienced desired and tangible results. We received tangible tools that were immediately applicable as well as tools to assist us in creating and implementing future goals.

Our work with her was also way fun. I believe Dr. Washburn has that unique quality to highlight the best in each individual and a group so they can relax, enjoy and retain the experience. We will work with her again. Highly recommended for groups of any size and age. - NCAA College Coach. NFCA Hall of Fame Inductee