Dive into Strengths

Explore your strengths!

There are times we all need a light to help us find our way or clarify our direction. It also helps us identify our resources and choices.

Our ability to implement new behavior increases when we recognize the underlying positive intention of a current behavior. Often times a behavior choice that is not working was developed when we were young and no longer serves us. Once we identify the intention that is driving a behavior we can generate choices of alternative ways to achieve it.

We can choose alternative behaviors that achieve the positive intention and enhance our overall well-being. You choose a behavior that helps achieve the positive intention as well as or better than the choice that isn't working so well. It is a game of additions, not a game of subtraction or loss.

Spirit of Excellence coaching assists you in releasing judgment of self and others and directs energy toward implementing choices that produce desired results. Strength recognition, development and consultation are custom designed to match your specific focus.

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