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Dr. Carol Ann Washburn: Consultant, Coach, and Trainer is known for recognizing and energizing Excellence in Leadership and Team Performance.

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Dr. Carol Ann Washburn inspires and energizes attitudes and behaviors necessary to create and sustain positive relationships. She cuts to the chase with authenticity, warmth, clarity, acceptance and wisdom.

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Her education, certifications and vibrant presence bring a rich depth to interactions. You bring a willingness to see your strengths, develop skills and invest energy to achieve outcomes. If you desire better communication and relationship skills - here's a match. Pre-consult: carol@cwashburn.com. A gift.

Future coaching and consulting rates are $ 125 per session or based on a monthly retainer. Coaching occurs in person, via phone, e-mail or internet face time. Individual and group retreats are available on Kaua‘i or a beautiful location of your choice. Retreats range in length from 2-11 days. The importance of work-life balance is respected and enlivened.

Clients report dynamic, lasting results in both personal and professional life. Please see

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Relating well with others is vital in personal and professional life. Trust, transparency, accountability and hope are important. It takes courage and work to develop communication effectiveness, which matches your natural style and grows a habit of positively connecting. We learn, through repetition, how to ignite the spirit of excellence in ourselves and others.

Coaching sessions are the practice area that powers desired change with compassion, focus and precision skills. Ideas or game plans offered are not rules or theories, rather resources and skills already researched, studied, tested and repeatedly proven valuable. Through direct experience, you determine what supports you in attaining results.

Plan on stimulating conversations, engaging activities and knowing yourself better. It takes desire and commitment to develop new behaviors, and the rewards are rich and life changing. As your coach, I help design strategic routes to desired outcomes, engage your talents, develop systems that support accountability and celebrate accomplishments.

Passion couples with expertise to focus on championing your success! Together, we embark on an adventure of activating skills that solve problems, encourage individuality, enhance life and maximize strengths. We have fun. It is your time.

Interpersonal Apps

Interpersonal Apps (ABC's), was written by Dr. Carol Washburn, in response to clients' request for desk top reminder notes. They are included in a book that is being completed. With so many apps it certainly seems we need a clear, concise one for relating with people. Please test these samples and let us know if you find them useful. If you would like a copy of the completed book, please connect.

These useful tips are easier said than done and often involve developing new habits that positively impact your life and the lives of others. Examples include:

B – Be accountable, authentic, transparent and present to support stable connections.

S – Stand aware in the center of your choices to steer clear of the Blame Game and release judgment.

Y – Yield to optimism and initiate positive action.

Z – Zone in on strengths and grow them.

Relationships Matter - Dad's Wisdom

"Plays Well with Others" reaps high rewards in our personal and professional lives. Simply stated, relationships are the glue that hold it all together. They require focus, flexibility and awareness.

My father was a man of few words and great wisdom. When I was in 7th grade he offered this lesson. "There is no one in the world better than you. And there is no one in the world you are better than. If you remember that, you will have a good life."

“When we center ourselves to touch the inner core of consciousness we know we are all connected.

Our Soul’s speak the same language.” - Carol Ann Washburn

In Joy

"Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused." - author unknown