Inspirational Speaking

Inspirational Speaker

Dr. Carol Ann Washburn is an inspiring speaker who delights audiences with true stories that are funny, enriching and life changing. She intermingles engaging activities, current research and candid humor to offer insight and coaching that changes lives. People leave with sparked enthusiasm, motivation, new skills and a commitment for increasing positive habits. Dr. Washburn’s sincere belief in the excellence inherent in all human beings is contagious and uplifting.

Her presentations are an energizing match for audiences interested in enhancing performance, expanding excellence and enjoying life. Typical results include:

  • improved overall well being
  • increased awareness of what values guide and influence our choices
  • clearer focus on solutions
  • new habits that support desired outcomes
  • pumped up and ready to rock

Dr. Washburn's background in theatre and communications results in a presentation style that engages diverse audiences. Her inspiring presentations spring from a place of love and generate attitudes of abundance, confidence, optimism and and a go for it spirit. You have found your speaker if you want your audience to laugh, feel genuinely uplifted and leave with an increased commitment to enhancing their personal excellence.

Lessons from the sea. Life ebbs and flows. There are peaks and troughs, count on it. Ride the current to where you want to go. Power is liquid - let it flow. Breathing is necessary. Change is constant.