Lead for Growth


"If you are leading and no no one is following, you are simply taking a walk". Anonymous

I have been studying and tracking excellence for many years as a coach and consultant. I have found stellar leaders:

  • See and implement the vision
  • Pick and retain great people
  • Maximize people's strengths
  • Respect them as key assets of their organization
  • Engage optimism
  • Get things done
  • Give in when necessary, and never Give Up

The findings of a five-year research project conducted by Stanford Research Institute, Harvard University and the Carnegie Foundation state 85% of a professional's success stems from people skills and people knowledge.

However, "people skills" are not always easy. Great leaders benefit from having an external coach as well as excellent staff when dealing with people. Spirit of Excellence coaching brings objectivity, fresh ideas, and confidentiality. This coaching can assist you in verbal and non-verbal delivery, speech writing, correspondence and also generate creative ways to share a message. As an extended and integrated part of your team, the coach may also deliver your messages via coaching when useful.

As a coach, we support you as you

  • Share the vision with clarity and contagious enthusiasm.
  • Inspire others to help bring the vision to life.
  • Determine leadership and resources needed to make it happen.
  • Lead with class, presence and conviction.
  • Identify and utilize top strengths.
  • Communicate and Listen.
  • Model optimism while dealing with reality.

Coaching topics for your leadership and management team include how to:

  • How to run a precision meeting - on target, on task, on time
  • Clearly and consistently state specific desired outcomes.
  • Focus and stay aware.
  • Flex when appropriate to get desired results.
  • Generate and request creative, innovative ideas to promote success.
  • Discuss, Decide and ENACT ways "to stay on top of the game".
  • Involve and include people to keep them engaged.
  • Model effective follow-up on who, what, when and how, so accountability is insured.
  • Inspire the SPIRIT of Excellence.