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Leadership Retreats

Great leaders rally people to a better future

Marcus Buckingham

Whether at a location near you or an off-site location, this is an extremely worthwhile opportunity to rejuvenate and focus on leadership excellence. Expert facilitation is designed to transform strong into superb, enhance visionary thinking and strategize profitable action. Lead4Growth ideas and tips will be discussed and utilized.

The emphasis will be on fine-tuning the use of your most powerful talents both inside and outside of work. Additionally, we will focus on how to turn top potential into true and lasting greatness.

Extensive documented research demonstrates identifying and investing in talent has a direct positive impact on the bottom line in today's global economy. You can plan on this being a profitable return on your investment both professionally and personally.

Overall, this rejuvenating experience positions you to lead, influence and inspire with renewed passion, insight and clarity. Additionally, you become more aware of what strengthens and energizes you to live your life daily with purpose on purpose.

You will leave with a dynamic implementation plan that supports you in sustaining your increased leadership excellence over the long haul. For someone who wishes to leave a legacy that matters, this experience serves as bedrock and a plum line.

You will have fun, be challenged to dream even bigger and become more effective in making the contribution you are innately inspired to give. This is an invitation to tap your integrity, spirit, spunk and passion to refuel and light up your unique and powerful Spirit of Excellence.