Sales Stimulation

Sales Stimulation

Sales people and sales teams love a good coach. They are players who are willing and want to take it over the top. They understand the power and influence of relationship. They typically love to have fun, love being engaged and are willing to go for it. Our coaching makes them want more.

We fuel, ignite and help you direct the passion and drive that makes sales people exceptional. We help you gain buy in for and attain amazing results!

We love working with professionals who enjoy honing the skills needed to help people buy their dream solutions. Once this is accomplished, their success is unstoppable.

Clearly, your sales team needs a quality product. If not, they will have short-term gains, but long-term success is limited. If you have the product, we can energize the magic of getting a "Yes". Great sales people say, "you want this? ... I'm going to help you get it".

Your sales team will learn skills to help them:

  • Quickly establish rapport (this is a specific repeatable set of skills)
  • Determine exactly what the customer wants
  • Match customers preferences with the right product
  • Use language and descriptors that show you understand what they want
  • Join with the customer in getting it
  • Creatively describe your company's superior ability to deliver "it"
  • Know what the customer's "Yes" response looks/sounds like
  • Stop talking when you get a "Yes"
  • Cooperatively team to enhance everyone's competitive edge
  • Create lasting relationships for repeat business and referrals
  • ENJOY helping people get what they want
  • Wrap intense competition in immense cooperation that lifts everyone up to a higher level