Team Performance

"Listen to the voice within so you can engage in work that gives you personal fulfillment and benefits your organization." - Stephen Covey

The Spirit of Excellence recognizes greatness is contagious. This spirit grows when we appreciate the unique talents in one another. It is expanded and fueled when we relate with reasoning and intellect, AND with a respectful heart.

We love watching great teams become superior. We help it happen in the following steps:

  • Pre-consultation determines commitment and discovery of your specific desired outcomes.
  • Game Plan is developed and agreed upon
  • Consultation style is straight up, friendly, strength focused and insightful.
  • Experiential-based approach that results in people being engaged and energized. Activities, discussion, stories, expert panels from within the group, 1-1 meetings and other educational media make training relevant.
  • Strengths are assessed, identified and committed to team effectiveness.
  • Real problems are solved, and success strategies are consciously repeated.
  • Follow-up we reinforce, assess and assist in the implementation of skills and attitudes that consistently contribute to team excellence.
  • Accountability measures are focused on throughout all training activities and as follow-up evaluation tools.

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation." Plato

Tips for changing a team from base metal into gold.

  • Grow Trust
  • Speak truth with respect
  • Open and maintain all communication channels
  • Inspire passion and commitment
  • Listen with awareness and demonstrate you heard
  • Recognize other perspectives as valid
  • Enjoy and value high quality collaboration
  • Respect, appreciate and value diversity
  • Resolve conflict
  • Share the glory
  • Demonstrate integrity
  • Fire Up the team’s spirit, power, passion and potential
  • Create and demonstrate accountability measures
  • Learn from the dark and difficult times as well as the light and easy times
  • Value FUN and fuel the life juice that runs through a high performance team

Tool Kit of useful strategies

  • Define clear outcomes
  • Clearly describe and utilize accountability measures
  • Reinforce Systems that promote clear and open flow of interaction and communication
  • Maintain focus on what works
  • Increase flexibility by embracing change
  • Improve communication skills
  • Gain input and buy-in
  • Focus on solutions
  • Practice 360 communication
  • Motivate self and others
  • Collaborate efficiently
  • Maintain consistent accountability standards throughout organization
  • Model and increase follow through
  • Reward solution thinking
  • Get the Job Done
  • Appreciate and celebrate accomplishment

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