Shine Baby Shine

Shine Baby Shine is the book I am currently completing. The following offers a glimpse into the style and focus of the book. If you are interested, please contact

Spirit of Excellence is a company and Shine Baby Shine is a book that shares gifts I have received along the way. In this instance I offer a story of my Grandmother Grace. She instilled in me a desire to "Shine Baby Shine" and grew my Spirit of Excellence. As a child her voice would greet me as I swung through her front door, breathing deeply of the sweet, rich aroma of freshly baked bread, cinnamon crust pies or some other luscious delight. Before I could see her I would hear her loving voice calling from the back of the house. “Is that you, Sunshine?”

No matter how I was feeling something happened inside as I rounded the corner to see her sparkling eyes glistening with joy. A smile typically spread across my face as I said, “It’s me, Grandma”.

She called forth my light and seemed naturally inclined to share love and goodness. I was inspired to live my purpose in life by her example.

A few examples of gems she shared along the way:

In a town of 900 or so people when we were headed out the door and I was concerned about how I “looked” or something equally important, she would say – “it’s all right you’ll never see them again”. There, you saw everyone again. Still, with a chuckle she gave me a taste of freedom to dare to be just as I am.

She also offered the age old adage of “if you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything.” My answer – “if I don’t say anything, they’ll think I agree”. Her answer – “You don’t care what they think, you care about how you feel when the conversation is over.”

Each day I live I appreciate more fully her reminder “When you wake up in the morning, you never know what a day will bring”.

In honor of Grandma I offer –

“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.”

– James Matthew Barrie


Shine Baby Shine is a book I am writing which offers encouragement to step forth and share with the world our Soul imprint which is demonstrated by our talents and natural gifts.

Deep joy occurs when I see the lights come up in people's faces, or feel the ease in me, when we recognize and celebrate our unique strengths and talents. The following "philosophy" offers the reason I am called to my work which is to strategically assist people in maximizing and utilizing their natural, amazing talents!

Since it is scientifically proven that we are all made up of energy, and part of one large cosmic whole, the true tone of ”all that is” can only be heard when we each sound our note. A puzzle only represents a complete, coherent picture when all of the pieces are in place. Like it or not, we each have a unique thumbprint and essence.

As we express the uniqueness of who we are we create the beautiful tapestry of creation. As we let our genuine light shine forth we co-create the radiance of Spirit’s perfection. To express the essence of our Soul’s perfection is our vision, our birthright and our choice. A choice that is made moment to moment, at work, at home, at play. We are responsible for the energy we bring and the gift we share.

It seems, we can live the message of “Love One Another” more easily when we have the opportunity to honestly know one another. We allow ourselves to be known and to know others when we let love lead us rather than fear. In each moment we are faced with the choice to act with love or fear as our motivator.

Believing this to be true, how do we begin to actually know our own internal guidance? How do we connect with that deepest place of knowing that resides within our own hearts? What assists us in identifying and following our own personal preferences rather than simply reacting based on what we think others would want us to do? Maybe we have been instructed, coerced, manipulated or cajoled into being certain ways in certain situations. Maybe we believe if we were truly as we would like to be we would not be loved or appreciated by the almighty “they”. Maybe we have even dared to let our own personal light shine forth and have been judged, condemned or ostracized by society at large or people we really value.

The risks of being authentic are many and real. Yet, it seems with authenticity comes incredible resiliency and strength. Receiving love or rejection from others, when we are true to ourselves, assists us in tapping into our personal wellspring of honesty and security.

I was raised believing God is Love. This sense of unconditional love has helped me forgive myself for times I have hurt others. It has encouraged me to want to do better as I know better.

Gandhi was once asked, “ Who is God?”, and he replied, “God is Truth”. He was then asked, “What is truth?” And he replied, “The answer is equally simple, truth is the light of the soul’s aspiration, and when you surrender to it wholeheartedly, it will take you under it’s wing and you will become invulnerable”.

There is safety in following our truth. There is growth in honesty. There is ease in authenticity. There is joy in expressing the true song of our heart. There is love all around. See It. Grow It. Be It.